Reviewed by Prizgar Gonzales

The Facts of Nutrition, written by Professor Hilton Hotema, is a hard-hitting, take no prisoners exposé of what true vitality really means. It is without question the most important book on health in the market- place. First written in 1957, this precious gem is a priceless handbook in the battle against bad eating habits, the unhealthy plague that has plunged the human race into a degenerative tailspin.

Next, to breathing poisonous air, there is nothing more dangerous to the human body than salt. In Chapter 10, Hotema exposes common table salt. The professor breaks it down, “Common table salt is a compound of sodium and chloride, a mineral in-organic form that cannot be used by the animal body. It enters the body as salt and leaves as salt. Salt is a deadly irritant to all the tissues of the body.

Put salt in your eye and feel the distressing effect. According to Hotema, so long as man must eat, the best food is fresh fruits and fruiting vegetables, like cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, tender greens, etc. These contain fluid of the best and purest kind, distilled by natural processes. The great paradox is that man eats to live and eats to die.

Surviving and living a long healthy life on planet earth is a serious challenge. It’s a wise decision to study and research the best choices for optimal health and well-being.

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