By: Janae Wesby
IG and Twitter: @janaeischangingfaces 

It’s approaching!! Summer is the time to be carefree and create your own beauty rules that marry your overall look and style. While creating your own beauty rules, I want every bronzed babe and beau to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Just like be change out our wardrobes to accommodate the warmer weather, the same needs to happen with our skincare, makeup, and other auxiliary products.

Let’s re-assess our skincare routine, shall we?! As the thermometer climbs, there is more humidity in the
air which is terrific for the skin, but subsequently, the rich and creamy textures of our products from fall and winter leave us feeling uncomfortable during the warmer months. Let’s swap them out for products that are lightweight, cooling and matte such as lotions, eye gels, clarifying toners, and matte protection.

To ensure that your fun and the fabulous look is stationary choose an oil-free primer for your face and a matte eye base to prevent your eye shadow from creasing and do not forget to volumize your lashes with a little longer wear or waterproof mascara. Now, let’s seal the deal by selecting your favorite loose powder but remember to carry your press powder and blotting sheets for touch-ups. Oh, I cannot forget about blush!! To give your face balance, I recommend a neutral tone blush or a hue that is in the same color family as your lip color. Gel and powder blush stand up well to fun in the sun. Your options for lip colors and formulations are endless; gloss, long wear matte, tinted lip balms and lip stains, you name it, LOL!!!

With prolonged exposure to the sun during the warmer months, we must also make sure that we are not only looking great, but we are protecting our skin with sunscreen. Make sure that your sunscreen has at least an SPF of 30 or higher. Sun Protection has become so sophisticated that they also come in a myriad of formulations and often times can be found in foundations, tinted moisturizers, as well as hair care products and lip treatments. UV protection is another barrier to prevention for our skin and can be found in clothing and sun hats. Sun Protection should be your last skincare routine and should be applied at least thirty minutes before leaving home.

Just as I discussed re-assessing our skincare routine, we must now re-wardrobe our makeup too!! Makeup is the punctuation to our own individual style. It can take an everyday beautiful, classic look to glamorous in just a matter of minutes, with a few strokes of bright and bold color to the lips or eye. Choosing brilliant hues is visually stimulating and creates positive, enthusiastic energy. So, please do not be afraid to get creative and use bright and striking hues.

Switching to lighter textures and different formulations for cover up (foundation, tinted moisturizer, etc.) is a matter of choice. In addition to switching to lighter textures, let’s also discuss choosing another hue to match your sun-kissed the skin. During the summer months, we are all fortunate enough to get a tan, and in most cases, our foundation does not match. Fear not!!

Put your foundation in a room temperature space and use it again when fall arrives but for now, allow your esthetician or makeup artist to rematch your beautiful, bronzed skin for that perfect summer glow.

Sun protection, vibrant lip shades, eyeshadows, nail polish plus summer clothing and bright colors are the ingredients to a fashion-filled and fun summer! I hope that my two cents were informative!! Go Be Beautiful!