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93rd Bud Billiken Parade Winners


Last year’s 93rd annual Bud Billiken Parade and Festival was a joyous celebration that brought together the City of Chicago in a glorious display of love and peace. The vibrant parade, held on King Drive, [...]

93rd Bud Billiken Parade Winners2023-03-27T12:43:43-05:00

Voter Burnout


By Bronzeville Life Staff writer @bronzevillelife - In Chicago, voter burnout is more than just a buzzword - it’s a critical issue that is affecting the very foundation of democracy, especially for Black communities. Despite [...]

Voter Burnout2023-03-26T20:59:55-05:00

Wakanda Forever


It still remains a hit and breaks Disney+ viewing records as it honors Chadwick Boseman and celebrates the brilliance of black women.

Wakanda Forever2023-03-27T14:44:22-05:00



By: Dr. Robin Amankwah, M.B.A., EdD (Raconsulting7@gmail.com) The effects of COVID-19 still present challenges even today in the Black community in many ways. Going through the changes caused by the Pandemic brought more mental exhaustion [...]

HOPE & RECOVERY2023-02-21T12:29:11-06:00



Medical Author: Rohini Radhakrishnan, ENT, Head, and Neck Surgeon Medical Reviewer: Shaziya Allarakha, MD   People often use the terms health and wellness interchangeably. Although a person cannot have one and not the other, they [...]

WHAT IS HEALTH AND WELLNESS?2023-02-21T12:11:25-06:00

Living Legacies of Black Women Veterans


By Mila K. Marshal Military life can be profoundly rewarding and deeply traumatizing. For Black women, “veterans, sisterhood, comradery, and trust” are what they can expect to find when joining organizations like the National Association [...]

Living Legacies of Black Women Veterans2022-11-14T15:18:26-06:00

A College Student’s Guide to Voting


By Mila K. Marshal It’s election time, and many Black first-time voters are away from home for the first time during their first opportunity to cast their ballots. While the average age of the Black [...]

A College Student’s Guide to Voting2022-10-31T20:42:58-05:00

Damon Smith: Running a Good Race


By Terence Crayton Damon Smith Photo by Terence Crayton for BRONZEVILLE LIFE What was your inspiration to run a marathon? 2022 is when my long-distance running journey began. I always thought people were [...]

Damon Smith: Running a Good Race2022-10-31T13:16:23-05:00
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