Myiti Sengstacke – Rice, Founder and Publisher

This mayoral race between Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson raises the question, “Who is best equipped to bring about meaningful change and advance the interests of the city’s Black population and Chicago citizens as a whole?”

Well, as the saying goes, “You must know your history or be doomed to repeat it.” As voters, we must do our research to make an informed decision when we vote for the future Mayor of Chicago. This race is one that holds significant implications for our community. Both candidates have made promises and campaigned on platforms aiming to address the longstanding issues that have plagued the African American community. However, it is essential to point a strong lens over the track records and specific policy proposals of each candidate to determine who is the better choice for the future of the city’s Black population.

For example, Brandon Johnson, a Chicago Teachers Union leader, has centered his campaign around issues of racial justice and equity. Johnson has pledged to implement progressive taxation, which would require the wealthiest Chicagoans to pay their fair share in taxes and generate additional revenue for critical public services. He has also proposed a rent control policy that would protect tenants from being pushed out of their homes due to rising rent prices. Furthermore, Johnson’s track record as an educator and union leader has shown a commitment to improving working conditions for teachers, who are predominantly women and people of color.

Paul Vallas, a former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, has presented himself as a reformer who can bring change to the city’s education system and has promised to increase funding for public schools and support community schools that offer comprehensive services like healthcare and counseling to students. Additionally, he has committed to expanding affordable housing options and creating more job opportunities in underserved neighborhoods. With the hot button issue of crime and safety, Vallas has called for increased investment in community policing, better coordination between law enforcement agencies, and expanded social services to help address the root causes of crime.

In the end, it’s up to you, the voters. The decision of who is best equipped to bring about meaningful change and advance the interests of the city’s Black population and Chicago citizens as a whole is ultimately up to you. As we approach the mayoral election, it is important that we consider the track records and policy proposals of each candidate carefully. The future of the city depends on it. Let us make an informed decision that considers the history and current reality of our community and elect a leader who is committed to creating a brighter future for all Chicagoans.