Lynn: What do you envision honoring these innovators provides for Chicago children who view these exhibits?
Dr. Whitaker: The hope is that kids of all groups get to see African American (AA) scientists, doctors, techies, and creatives! It broadens what AA kids think of themselves. For kids who are White, latinX, Asian, it broadens their thinking about who AA are and what they have achieved.

Lynn: What types of challenges does NextLevel Health strive to address?
Dr. Whitaker: At NLH, we aim to work within a very finally rigorous and competitive industry to demonstrate the power of good community-based, culturally competent care in improving health outcomes in low-income and challenged communities here in Chicago. Over time, we hope to train our employees to be expert in community health, data informatics, clinical and quality outcomes measurement, and cost-effective care.

Lynn: In what ways would you like children to engage with this celebration now and in the future?
Dr. Whitaker: I want kids to see themselves in me, to achieve the greatest use of their talents. Perhaps a young woman might see herself as a scientist or doctor after hearing my story. They might also view Dr. Smith’s career as physician, writer, speaker, and entertainer as inspirational for those who have multiple talents! Chef Erick as business owner is yet another path to consider. One career path can present many options!