Lynn: How will this honor impact your business?
Dr. Ian: I think what’s important for people like myself is for us to be out there. Because we’re touching people in ways we don’t even know.

Lynn: Who were your early career and life influences?
Reading mystery thriller authors as a young person inspired me. During my Master’s at Columbia, I had an editor who helped me understand the world of book editing. Art Norman and Warner Saunders were my broadcasting mentors.

Lynn: What was your “Why” for starting SHRED? How did design thinking contribute?
Dr. Ian: I noticed a hunger for a (weight-loss) program that could accelerate very recognizable results in a way that is accessible, affordable, and doable. My fans help me evolve it.

Lynn: What challenges do you want to address?
Dr. Ian: Trends that are unscientific or unsubstantiated. People want rapid and sustainable weight loss. I want to help them get there, yet want to be honest in the process.

Lynn: What’s next for your business?
Dr. Ian: After 20 years, it’s time for new voices. There are things I want to do that are away from health.

Lynn: What advice do you have for children pursuing a future in STEM?
Dr. Ian: Believe you have the ability to do anything. . .Find passion in areas that you’re interested in. Focus—you need to block out distractions and focus on executing.