BRONZE BIZ: A Lotta Good Stuff

A Lotta Good Stuff showroom. Photo credit: Parrish Lewis


501 E. 47th St. |    Chicago, IL 60653  |  (708) 724-3997

Owner (s):

Benita Phipps, sole proprietor of A Lotta Good Stuff Upscale Resale Furniture and More.

What was your inspiration behind your business?

My inspiration for A Lotta Good Stuff was to create a space that allows the consumer to have an experience of well-placed organized treasures that meet the whole person’s particular needs, wants and desires while bringing quality to the community and educating the consumer, showcasing antiques, vintage and modern items. The detailed craftsmanship of the quality of materials displays the origin of that era, which also spotlights the longevity of the products versus today.

A Lotta Good Stuff Upscale Resale Shop. Photo credit: Parrish Lewis

Name top 3 keys to a successful holiday shopping season.

Firstly- to present your product in a way that it appeals to your customer. Presentation is everything! Secondly- marketing to make yourself visible via internet sales, social media and maintaining contact lists that you can utilize during holiday seasons. Thirdly- SALES!! Good old-fashioned DEALS!! Everybody wants a great price and to feel as if the dollar will go a long way!

Why choose Bronzeville as your business location?

I’m a female black-owned business, where better to be than a community that I can identify with both personally and professionally!! To bring Black business back to our community that offers a quality product to my people and to provide a wonderful atmosphere that you can experience on the South Side!! It’s my community, my people, and its historic roots. The wonderful stories you hear about… from the old-timers about what, when and how….helps the slow business day go by much quicker! There’s so much culture! The architecture, The BEAUTIFUL graystone and limestone buildings, and homes. I can go on and on. I had an option of Hyde Park or Pilsen but I chose Bronzeville and I’m so very GLAD I did!


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  1. Vera May 16, 2019 at 7:13 pm - Reply

    I just discovered you. Moving into Bronzeville this month. Beyond excited!

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