Over the holidays, Bronzeville Life had a chance to stop by some great businesses in the community which had a great variety to offer consumers during the Christmas shopping season.


4259 S. King Dr. | Chicago, IL 60653  |  PH. (773) 891-4473

Photo credit: Parrish Lewis

Name of Owner(s)

Mr. and Mrs. William and Treva Salaam.

What was your inspiration behind your business?
The inspiration was a love and passion for fashion that stretches more than four decades.

What makes your business special from other competitors?

We don’t sell clothes, we dress people. Anyone can sell clothes, our sincere desire to serve and our pure love of fashion, THAT’S what sets us apart from the rest.

Name top 3 keys to a successful holiday shopping season.

Fully stocked, fully staffed, and fully invested in advertising are the three keys to success. Fully stocked allows a greater selection, being fully staffed everyone gets personal attention, and by fully advertising you receive a maximum return on your investment.

Should we look forward to new changes in 2019?

Photo credit: Parrish Lewis

Yes, we will have greater service to our clients by having more locations in Chicago.

Why choose Bronzeville as your business location?

I was born, raised, and educated in Bronzeville. It was always a dream to return and practice our gifts and talents of fashion in a community that we were raised in. Bronzeville is 6 minutes from the loop (Downtown Chicago), linked to the green line train, and is easily accessible by two major thoroughfares (Dan Ryan & Lake Shore). The business community in Bronzeville is supported by the Alderman and The City of Chicago. Our 10 year anniversary is October 2019, we look forward to serving the city of Chicago and the residents of Bronzeville.