What was the first song you penned?

I can’t say precisely the first song because I’ve been writing since as early as six years old, but my first Country song was called “I’m the One.” It was a story about wanting a girl to mess up, so I could get her guy! I may need to record that now.

When did you know you had a gift for singing?

I wouldn’t call it a gift. I trained and worked at it. I studied Seth Riggs in speech tone singing and was coached as a teen by Terisa Griffin.

Was there anyone else in your family who sang?

My Aunts on my father side are singers, and  Allen Toussaint, a musician/songwriter, is on my mother’s side. My aunt Eugenia  Davis is also a great singer/Trumpet player, she worked with Nancy Wilson and Little Richard

Who influenced you as a singer and song-writer?

My first love was Barbra Streisand. Kenneth Babyface Edmonds set the bar for songwriting.

What is your process as a songwriter and vocalist when producing a new project?

When writing a song, I first need to feel what emotion I’m trying to convey, then I see a movie in my mind, and I just write what I see. Vocally, I have to deliver the song the way it is written emotionally, this use to be difficult because, a song can come to me in a higher key than I’d prefer to sing, and I can’t hear it
any other way, so I’d have to suck it up and sing soprano.

What is unique about your new project and music video?

“American as Bean Pie” is a 15-year journey. The album has music I wrote 15 years ago to this year. I went on a trip to find out who I am in this country, and it evolved into me accepting myself, as is.

Why is it important for artists to keep things fresh even when fans want the same style?

If we are all being honest with ourselves in our art, we will all be putting out fresh music. No one is the same. We all have different outlooks on ideas and experiences. Which is why I love Country music, it doesn’t ‘front’ if your car broke down, you don’t pretend you’re driving a Maybach. You deal with your broke down car and keep it moving.

What upcoming projects can we look forward to from you and your team?

“American as Bean Pie” the album is available on all streaming networks, the documentary  “American as Bean Pie” will be screening in film festivals this summer. I’m looking forward to performing around the city like August 6th at City Winery with the Social Act Band and August 23rd at Cheers in Midlothian with “Session with Tandaleria”.

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