Senior Pastor John F. Hannah and the New Life Covenant SE Church congregation invite families and the entire Chicago community to stand together for the annual “Prayer On The 9” initiative. A community outreach program that serves as a catalyst for social change in Chicago communities where violence is most prevalent, “Prayer OnThe 9” will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019 beginning at 10:00 a.m., at 79th Street and Greenwood. “Prayer On The
9” was created to draw citywide attention to the senseless violence and shootings that plague Chicago.

Hosted by Pastor John F. Hannah, the event serves as a call-to-action for the community to gather along Chicago  East 79th Street to pray together as one community, one city against the violence of any kind. This year’s focus is on families. Families are encouraged to join in the walk and to pray for the safety and peace that their communities deserve. It is the hope that this show of solidarity and love will help all youth to recognize that life is precious and all lives should be valued. Pastor Hannah and his family will lead the walk and will be joined by other families who understand that the community must work together to quell the violence so that our youth can live their lives in peace.

Pastor Hannah will deliver a community address at the opening of the ceremony and will present five families with $1,000 cash awards. These awards will include households headed by a single mother, a single father, and a grandparent.

Families and community leaders will come together and line two-miles along 79th Street from Greenwood to the Dan Ryan on both sides of the street in a demonstration of a unified stance against violence. Families will have designated blocks and will pray for those communities most affected by

Pastor Hannah states, “Strengthening family is an important priority. Our youth deserve to live their
lives without fear of senseless shootings and violence.