What was the first song you penned?

The first song that I penned for a national artist was titled “Live It Up” for John Legend’s debut album “Get Lifted.” It is a song about living in hard times and finding your triumph and success in spite of it all. John asked me to write about my experience, and so I did. He told me that he needed someone with a real live City/Family experience! I have a huge family and lots of stories to speak! So, I wrote about how I lived, where I lived, where I grew up, how I was raised, and who raised me.

When did you know you had a gift for singing? Was there anyone else in your family who sang?

I always enjoyed singing. When I was younger, I would sing into hairbrushes in front of the bathroom mirror. I would pretend my little brother was my background singer, and I would hit notes that no one understood. I made up words and lyrics that the record never said and had the best time of my life singing to an audience of one or two at most. I didn’t know what a gift was at the time, but I did know that I loved to sing. Music made me happy, and it was everything above anything else I was told to do.

When I realized I had a gift, I was already graduating from college. I quit my first job on faith. I walked out of that office and asked a band at a local club called “Rituals” if I could sing the last song of the evening performance they were giving. After saying no to me at least five times, they finally said yes.

What is your process as a songwriter and vocalist when producing a new project?

Writing songs for me is not a technical process. I usually like a quiet space, headphones in my ear, or very loud speakers with a few people around as possible. I either start with melody’s in my head and go to the talented musicians and producers that I know to create, or I listen to music that producers send to me and wait for a vibe and subject to hit me. Sometimes, I’m better at writing songs while I drive or when I’m in the shower. Producing a new album for me also includes getting healthier clearing out negativity and clearing out old leftover work details. Creating original music for me is always like spring cleaning. I do everything to find my peace before I get started and then when I’m in the middle of the process I try to maintain that peace so that I can get the entirety of the
song out.

What is unique about your new project and music video?

This new project that I’ve written is extremely special to me. It’s all about love growth and finding peace. It’s what I feel the world needs more of. It’s my contribution to removing negativity and replacing that with more positivity. What we need more of is love, so I decided to write a project about true love. The new song and first single from my new album are called “Take Me Home,” and the music video is a demonstration of just that. The music video’s mission is to get home against
all the odds.

Why is it important for artists to keep things fresh even when fans want the same style?

The most beautiful thing about music to me is the fact that it looks and feels different at every turn. Music is supposed to evoke new emotions, new feelings, help us heal, help us remember good times, and help us connect better. The world is so different depending on the country and culture that you visit that it never makes sense to me for everything to feel and sound the same.

What upcoming projects can we look forward to from you and your team?

Recently, I just finished my latest solo album Titled “Catching Feelings” and just finished all the details around that music project completion. We are headed into production for a big release this Summer 2019. It’s a celebration of everything that love brings! Along with the new album, I’m excited about providing new music film visuals for as many of the songs as possible. Currently, I’m on tour with Slick Rick, the Ruler for the eighth year in a row and also touring with the Grammy award-winning poet, J. Ivy.

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