In 2012, Antwone Muhammad knew something was wrong when he experienced bleeding through his shirt on one of his morning workout routines. Later he would be diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, I interviewed him during his treatment for The Windy Word because I felt his story was incredible, could he share it? His journey was published and went viral, triggering others to step up.

Antwone with his mother at The Promontory benefit.

Muhammad was in full remission a year later from his diagnosis, having gone through radiation and chemotherapy. He turned his life around to a non-meat and dairy; holistic, and a predominately plant-based diet. Working out and also guiding others to a healthier lifestyle, but recently, Muhammad broke the news to friends, family, and colleagues, his cancer returned.

With his wife, Teefa, and kids in his corner and a plethora of supporters, he is on a mission to educate other men about getting regular check-ups- -particularly men of color. In mid-October, The Promontory hosted a fundraiser inviting friends DJ Terry Hunter, Chantay Savage, and Rhymefest ‘Che’ Smith; PHLI founder, Dave Jeff, and many others to perform. Along with spreading the word across the country, he recently connected with music executive, Matthew Knowles who is a breast cancer survivor.

“We hope to connect people to others about getting the information out,” says Muhammad.

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