Daytime Emmy Award Winner Says Success Starts with Gratitude!

By Erica Faye Watson.

Chicago native D’angelo Thompson has traveled around the world working as a creative artist for over two decades and many of his biggest life lessons were learned while traveling abroad. By observing the kindness and generosity of those who had very little but exercised their humanity and gratitude daily, he realized that being thankful was the greatest gift you can give to yourself and those you encounter. Those experiences now appear in his fourth and latest book release, ‘A 100 Days of Gratitude’ which explores how having a daily gratitude practice will manifest major shifts in your mindset and life. Part memoir, part manifesto, the aim is to spread self-empowerment across all ages, genders, and nationalities by making Gratitude a movement!

How did you get your start in the beauty industry and how instrumental was growing up in Chicago to developing your career?

I would say it started as early as being a student at Curie High School on the Southwest side of Chicago. I was a Theatre Arts major and minored in voice and dance. I received amazing instruction in lighting, sound design, theatrical, and basic FX makeup. Makeup pulled me in, but didn’t quite see makeup as a career until a few years later. I am grateful I was exposed to the Lyric Opera House, Goodman Theatre, Katherine Dunham Technique and off off Broadway plays at an early, it helped me to dream bigger dreams.

What are some of the beauty trends this fall that black women should really pay attention to and embrace?

There is a shift more now than ever for Black women and women of color to embrace the richness of our history. Since masks will be a huge part of our lives for a while, I suggest a great hydrating lip balm, matte bold lip colors and encourage everyone to have a lot of fun with eyeliners like the Makeup For Ever Aqua Resist pencils and shadows (Sephora. com). Also, try the amazing beautiful line by Daness Myricks (

You have written 3 books that focused on beauty but your new book is on the power of Gratitude. How has expressing gratitude helped you in your career?

Gratitude has saved my career and life in many ways. Early on, I took a lot of blessings and opportunities for granted. But now, I’ve learned to appreciate all the hard work, the personal and professional relationships built over the decades, and full gratitude for all the amazing souls I’ve been blessed to know and work with.

Since expressing Gratitude is a daily practice, what are 3 quick steps that everyone can do to make being grateful a part of their everyday life?

It’s very easy! Start with the simple things you are grateful for. Secondly, be grateful for all those who have assisted you in many aspects of your life. Lastly, but not least, be grateful for exactly where you are at this moment and create a keen awareness that life can change in a nanosecond.

As you look back on 2020 so far, what are you the most grateful for?

I am actually grateful for 2020, all veils are being pulled back and causing dynamic shifts for us all. It’s also given me time to hone in on upgrading my skills in many disciplines. Not only makeup but wellness, languages, and writing more books.



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