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Photo credit: Parrish Lewis


1005 E. 43rd St. |   Chicago, IL 60653 |   (773) 268-2889

Name of Owner(s)

Faye Edwards

What was your inspiration behind your business?

At age 8, I met Africans for the first time. I was fascinated by people who looked like me yet different. I decided at that time that one day I would go to Africa. It was many years later that I made my first of several trips. I fell in love with the people, the culture, and the art. I knew that somehow I wanted to share this love with other people. Each trip to different countries led me to see and experience more and more. I began to study about the people and art and my love grew deeper. I collected more and more on each trip and my friends began to call my house “the museum”. So that is how Faie African Art Gallery came to life!

What makes your business special from other competitors?

Faie African Art is not just a place you come to buy art; you come for art and education. The atmosphere of the Gallery is inviting to all who enter; we are open, love sharing stories and facts about the people of Africa. We keep books on hand, not to sell, but so that people can browse through them and engage with the Continent. Sometimes people come back to enjoy the atmosphere and they are welcomed. Traditional African Art is fascinating to many people.

Photo credit: Parrish Lewis

Here we help educate about the meanings and rituals attached to the art. We have contemporary art as well. We offer art that is collectible for varying interests. We host artists who give talks about their work and the historical significance of Tribal art. We host meetups for art collectors.

Why choose Bronzeville as your business location?

It is my sincere belief that this art, and a gallery that presents the art with the dignity it deserves, should be located in a community populated by people who are the direct descendants of those who created these masterpieces.


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