Q&A With Professional MUA Triphena Johnson

Q: @JoyIrbySmith “When I look at pictures of myself, I see either puffy or darkness under my eyes. How can I brighten or correct this area?

A: The saying goes “The eyes are windows to the soul”. Oftentimes due to the skin around the eyes is thinner & genetics playing a key role, the eye area is the first place to show visible signs of restlessness, stress, aging, dark circles, & puffiness. “Periorbital Hyperpigmentation” occurs when the skin below the eyes produces more melanin causing the skin around the eye area to be significantly darker.

“Periorbital Puffiness” can happen if the periorbital blood vessels around the eyes are damaged or if an individual becomes ill, develops allergies, or increases their consumption of salt. These factors cause the body to buildup & retain fluids. I highly recommend changes in lifestyle choices can greatly minimize these issues. Make sure you’re well-rested, hydrate your skin & commit to incorporating a specialized eye treatment in the form of a cream, gel or serum into your morning/evening routine.

Key active ingredients to look for in any eye treatment:

1.Caffeine, Vitamin K, (reduces puffiness) 2. Cucumber, Green Tea (soothes) 3. Peptides, Retinol, Algae, Horse chestnut (tightens) 4. Hydroquinone, Mica, Kojic Acid, Hyaluronic acid (lightens, brightens & fills in fine lines). If you want to cosmetically add a wash of color to your dark circles, follow up with a concealer that has enough coverage ability. Choose an opaque, creamy or matte, concealer product that’s a half shade lighter than the hyperpigmented delicate areas of your eyes.

Q: @AngieEdmondCurrie “What is the best product to use to remove your makeup?”

A: Leftover makeup or sunscreen that sits on the skin can clog your pores, cause irritation & skin sensitivity. Before using your favorite facial cleanser to cleanse your skin, be sure you’re using a separate Makeup Remover product formulated to remove all traces of makeup or sunscreen from your eyes & face. Choose 2-in-1 towelettes, oils or balms. A few of my favorites:



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Q: @NikBrink “Best make up for aging skin that has become sensitive?”

A: It’s time to change your products. Choose products that highlight anti-aging ingredients. There are countless products on the market that combat sensitivity & formulated without irritants. Use oil-free products that don’t contain fragrances & parabens. If you want a lil color in your product to even out or match your skin tone, for my naturalistas use a tinted BB cream as a primer. If you want a buildable color coverage, then choose a “skin-perfecting base for medium to full coverage” in a gel-cream, liquid or cream/tube formulation.

Q: @RaquelRRobinson “Eyebrows honey!! The best way to do them quickly and consistently.”

A: For women, in today’s “brow climate” having a pair of well-groomed eyebrows has become more important than having on a pair of earrings. Eyebrows frame the face & give us a clear landscape for our eye makeup. Some might say, if your brows are in great shape, no other makeup is necessary. Invest in a slant tip tweezer & a pointy-tipped tweezer. Shape, groom, & remove any stubble or ingrown brow hairs. Brows that are naturally full can benefit from just using a tinted brow gel for a lil extra color & control of any unruly hairs.

If your brows are fine or extremely sparse, fill in, build-up & extend the brow shape you desire by filling in those areas of the brow using a fine-tipped automatic brow pencil 1 shade lighter than your natural brow color or a powder brow kit that contains 2-3 brow colors & a clear brow wax primer (to tame any unruly hairs). To prevent an overdrawn brow, be sure to use light hair-like strokes. Remember to customize your brows to your face: prominent features need fuller brows, small delicate features need thinner brows.


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