By Layla Abdallah.

President Donald Trump was impeached and still sits in the most powerful seat in America. November brings a chance to change the way the country is being run. Former Vice President Joe Biden is running on the Democratic ticket against Trump this election. According to the Washington Post, “If Biden wins, Democrats will likely keep the House and retake the Senate…” With the checks and balances back in order, the country will be able to run smoother than it currently is. This election identifies the main issue the Trump campaign does not possess; morality.

With a new generation now eligible to vote, the need to educate against misinformation is necessary. On April 10th, a new Instagram account was created; @settleforbiden. The account sheds light on many reasons why people should vote for Biden over Trump by using memes and other forms of humorous posts. This was a way to show people that although it may not seem serious, he is a better candidate. In a way it does feel as though he will bring a balance to the nation however, each candidate does have their respective downfalls.

President Trump allowed the country to fall into a chaotic state while managing to create more jobs, build infrastructure on the border, and pass legislation that many do not agree with. He was impeached and accused of sexual assault on multiple occassions. His previous campaign allowed alleged Russian interference in the election. Many taxpayer dollars have been used for investigations into many issues surrounding his campaigns.

Former VP Biden was smart in meticulously choosing Kamala Harris to be his running mate. According to Business Insider, “Harris co-sponsored Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All bill way back in 2017, saying it was “the right thing to do.”” The morality of the Biden campaign is very important to focus on because there is light at the end of the tunnel. His campaign has proposed healthcare policies as well as ways to fight climate change. This is a massive juxtaposition from the current campaign that refuses to acknowledge climate change and the severity of the pandemic while avoiding the police brutality plaguing the nation.

The difference between voting for Biden is that a vote for him will yield a new nation. For example, his reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic was to agree with the mask mandate. On the other hand, Trump and his campaign tried multiple times to discredit doctors and encouraged people to open their states causing a spike in cases. The initial response to the pandemic being under the Biden campaign would have allowed for a different set of results in the death count throughout the nation.

The need to vote for Biden’s ticket is pressing. The political climate surrounding racial injustices in the Black community is proving to be something the Trump campaign can not handle. The president consistently sends in troops and the National Guard onto the streets to combat peaceful protesters. If Biden were to be elected, legislation to help improve the climate would rise due to Democratic control of government.

Getting out to vote is no longer an option. It is something necessary to improve the way we as a society are functioning. The youth hold the vote this year as many millennials turned 18 or will be of age to vote in November. If either mailing in a ballot or physically going to the polling booths, people need to educate themselves on the loopholes in obtaining an absentee ballot and the times of when polling locations close.

Due to the pandemic, certain rules may change and locations will look different. For example, polling places may be closed or moved to centralized locations such as a city hall or municipal building. Calling your state representatives in advance can help eliminate confusion when the time to vote comes.

Our moral compass allows us to identify right from wrong on the smallest and largest variables in our lives. In November, each registered voter will have the opportunity to vote out President Trump. The late Ruth Bader Ginsberg once said, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” Now more than ever we need to follow her voice and fight for a new president to reside in the White House.