By Robin Collymore-Henry.

Facing a global pandemic started as something that other people in another part of the world had to worry about and learn how to handle. We were aware of the coronavirus stories, but we had no clue that within a few weeks, the stories would hit home. Then the roar of reality was heard and felt with the quickness of a loud thunderbolt. It quickly became our problem and the consequences of quarantine were not just sudden, the impact was devastating for many. Lives were forced to change within a matter of hours. From one Friday to the next Monday in the middle of March, everything was frozen in space and there was nothing but uncertainty lingering in the air.

People from every walk of life faced changes that began with fear and ended with stress. The dreaded pink slip that so many received recently has been one of life’s most unfair and unexpected experiences. The anger and fear that accompanied the new reality have not let up in the past few months. The helplessness and the anxiety about the unknown future have caused many of the suddenly unemployed to consider new career options and attempt to create new opportunities. Nothing is completely perfect, but necessity is absolutely the mother of invention. People have problems based on this new normal and they are attempting to resolve their challenges while making some money along the way.

While there are not many guarantees available right now, being creative is helping some people to make small but steady amounts of money to relieve some of the pressure. It is also a source of control as furloughed employees find their entrepreneurial prowess. The one constant in this entire situation is that people are not spending as much money. Therefore many companies are suffering and must continue to lay off workers. This cycle is heartbreaking because the situation is no particular citizen’s fault. Taking control of this unusual situation has made many people look deeply into their skill sets and talents to find something to offer people who have new needs.


Cooking healthy meals is a quick way to tap a skill and ease someone else’s time constraints. Currently, many parents are facing the double duty of being home-school teachers or assistants as their children attend school in a virtual format. It is not easy to conduct regular business and watch children negotiate a computerized lesson with little or no feedback and limited social interactions. It has been quite a challenge to remain employed, do excellent work, maintain a household, and cook. For these people, newly-minted personal chefs have been extremely helpful and right on time.


Other people have craved the camaraderie of the health club and wish that they could work out every single day. The uncertainty of the cleanliness of the gym has kept many of the regulars away and the tension has built up along with their expanding waistlines. Healthy living requires a regular schedule and for some in the newly unemployed sector, making videos has turned out to be a great way to make some money. Working out every day with an online trainer is developing into a thriving business for those who lift weights, walk on treadmills, ride bikes, or do aerobics. Having a virtual trainer keeps many people focused on doing the workout instead of making excuses. This has become a trend and many unemployed people are helping others to get fit while these virtual trainers improve their bank accounts.

According to my favorite trainer, it takes a plan to set up the proper studio with the right equipment. Taking the time to envision what the clients will see online is an important portion of the plan. Getting an exercise studio in order also takes some investment of time and money. The way one works out in private is quite different than what they want to share with the viewing public. The studio must have the proper equipment, space, and lighting. These considerations are significant because the goal for trainers is to encourage viewers to pay to become regular subscribers.


Making money is important, but it is also necessary for some parents who are taking this time away from work to be present at home for their small children. One mom recently decided to turn her executive recruiting company into a virtual coaching firm. She canceled her apartment lease and moved in with her mother to create a sandwich family for help with babysitting, safety, and financial growth. Helping an older parent while home-schooling a small child at the same time are two tasks that are not always easy. However, every responsibility became much simpler with everyone in the same household.

The advantages became quite obvious after the first month. Benefits such as taking a break from paying utility bills while living with a parent provide the peace of mind to focus on building the best possible situation for everyone. Since most parents want to help, they may not require rent. This new situation provides a chance to build up savings accounts and get out of debt. It is still important to continue to look for full-time jobs, but this economy is filled with eager job-seekers, so competition is difficult. In a new situation, continue to grow entrepreneurial plans and improve business models to become pandemic-proof.


Being focused on business with a college degree, creativity, and the ability to maintain office spaces has led another person to transfer her office cleaning enterprise to a house cleaning service. She loves to create comfort for others so that they can thrive, but when her corporate contracts were placed on hold, she still needed to make money. So her house cleaning service was launched in late April with new contracts coming in every week. With more people working and attending classes virtually at home, the homes are getting dirtier much quicker. The professional service provided by her company means that she can put new clients on a waiting list until she can hire and train some new employees. She feels very blessed to be able to help people with their homes and provide jobs for those in need.

Facing a new situation with a plan B will provide a calm response to a surprising change. Right now, everything is uncertain and many things are changing and moving in different directions. Accept the changes and activate your new plan to survive and then thrive.