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Editor-in-Chief of Bronzeville Life, a bi-monthly news publication in Chicago. Loves cute puppies, a bomb-a** taco and creative people with a great attitude.

CEO Of Hidden Beach Experience: Steve McKeever


It’s not surprising Hidden Beach Recordings was created by Chicago native Steve McKeever. During an era, where both major and independent record labels competed for radio airplay retail sales— McKeever’s vision for giving Soul artists [...]

CEO Of Hidden Beach Experience: Steve McKeever2019-06-17T17:26:36-05:00

Rahmaan Statik: The Man and the Mural


As the weather warms up and Chicagoans begin to shed layers of sweaters, scarves, gloves, and boots—we look forward to all the beautiful things the warmer climate brings. There is unique cultural beauty throughout Chicago’s [...]

Rahmaan Statik: The Man and the Mural2019-06-14T17:21:54-05:00

DJ Pharris: Leading The Pack


Pharris Thomas is not your typical DJ. What started for Thomas nearly 40 years ago in a similar fashion to other DJs from his peer group—ended up carving a specific single lane designed by him. [...]

DJ Pharris: Leading The Pack2019-06-14T17:16:26-05:00
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